All not well for Ballmer's mobile dreams

Microsoft’s launch plans for Windows Mobile 7 are fast running into the ground as partners are getting more iffy about the operating system.

HP has all but indicated that it will not be making an appearance when Windows Mobile 7 is launched. This is despite the fact that Microsoft has a contract with HP for $20 million to cover the cost of developing the operating system.

Dell has said  that it will be releasing a Windows 7 phone, saying that it is “excited to collaborate with Microsoft on Windows Phone 7, and are looking forward to bringing customers amazing mobile experiences.”

However the shortage of product announcements and complete lack of rumours seem to suggest that there will be at least a delay on Dell coming to Ballmer’s phone warming party. Dell is also refusing to give even the vaguest promises on forthcoming phones.

Microsoft still has three companies lined up for the Windows Phone 7 launch LG, Samsung, and HTC but all of them are flirting with Google’s Android and it is not clear if they will eventually jump into bed with Ballmer.

LG is making headlines claiming that it will kill Apple’s iPad, only that will be with a tablet powered by Android and not Ballmer’s nice new operating system.

Microsoft is betting the farm on Windows Mobile 7 being successful and it appears to be a fine operating ystem. However HP is betting on its own Web OS while Android is gaining huge ground amongst manufacturers.

There is some speculation that it might be too late for Microsoft to regain the ground it lost in the Mobile Market. Much now depends on Ballmer’s charisma and ability to make the mobile market do what it is told.  Already he has earmarked millions in advertising the OS, but it is unclear if this will be enough.