Agito gets into VoIP over 3G

As well as jumping on the iPhone/iPad bandwagon, the latest version of Agito Networks’ intelligent call routing software now includes VoIP over 3G. This means that businesses can potentially save a fortune on international roaming charges.

Essentially the firm’s ‘RoamAnywhere Mobility Router v4.0’ is a big black box that sits between the handset and the company’s iPABX (internet enabled switchboard).

One of the previous disadvantages was the number of users supported per box. Now a single 6000 Series beastie can handle up to 10K users simultaneously. So that simplifies life for large businesses.

How does RoamAnywhere save large amounts on cellular roaming? Answer – because employees can continue to take and make calls on their mobiles while they’re sitting in an overseas office or roaming on Wi-fi or 3G.

Agito gives an example of one happy customer – ARINC. “We have about 700 smartphone, iPhone and BlackBerry users, and many travel around the globe. They can end up with a monthly cellular bill of several $1,000s each month,” confessed Mike Martelli, senior technology manager at ARINC.

Notice how he neatly throws in the fact that the software now works with the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Agito also claims to be the only vendor that can support VoIP over Wi-fi on Crackberries, too.

Pejman Roshan, Agito Networks’CMO [Chief Marketing Officer], told Techeye that this wasn’t simply bandwagon-hopping. “Apple handsets have become the non-corporate sponsored devices of choice amongst the workforce.” Probably just in the USA, though.

Anyway, Martelli backs up Agito’s claim that VoIP over 3G mobile data and WiFi on smartphones can cut international mobile call costs by up to 80 per cent. With those 700 users he expects to save$50,000 to $100,000 per year.

Better still, Roshan argues that the voice codec Agito is now using isn’t just clearer and secure, it can also help a handset to save on battery life.

Since Agito’s software can support other useful facilities such as ‘presence’ and IM [instant messaging], it provides customer with the ability to do some very clever stuff with their internal telephone directories, too.