Adobe says firms look to mobile websites to boost business

More than 80 percent of companies are deploying or already using mobile websites to boost their business.

In a survey of 446 businesses, Adobe’s first annual Scene 7 Mobile Commerce Survey found that respondents across several industries, including retail and media, indicated an overwhelming preference for developing websites as their predominant mobile commerce presence compared with other types of mobile properties, including downloadable applications.

Only eight percent of respondents said they would prefer a downloadable application-only mobile commerce strategy.

Adobe also said its survey uncovered four key areas of focus for businesses’ mobile strategies: promotions, commerce, product information and branding. It said 75 percent of respondents named promotions as the core of their mobile strategy, which Adobe said showed the mobile channel as an important method to drive traffic and support multi-channel commerce.

And it seems businesses know exactly what they want when it comes to this application with   more than 55 percent of respondents saying full-screen image zoom and videos were indispensable viewing features for driving conversion. Nearly all (96 percent) also said the most effective visual merchandising features were catalogues and brochures.

However only  18 percent admitted to using rich visual merchandising features for mobile commerce. Adobe said that this would go up in the future 12 months citing that 81 percent of respondents had outlined plans to deploy these features.

Sheila Dahlgren, senior director of product marketing at Adobe, said: “The survey results demonstrate the opportunities that exist for companies to fully leverage rich visualisation features to improve their emerging mobile presences and drive cross-channel sales.”