Adobe hits back against Jobs over iPhone Flash

In a move which is tainted with the faint whiff of desperation, an Adobe employee has publicly claimed that seven million users have attempted to download Flash by December of last year.


This is in spite of the fact that anybody who has ever used an iPhone to browse online will quickly realise that this is a very stupid thing to do. The iPhone, the iPod Touch and even the upcoming iPad will not run Flash, even though according to Adobe it is installed on 98 per cent of internet-connected computers.


Mark Doherty, a Flash Platform Evangelist at Adobe, said in a blog post: “We were amazed by the numbers of hits received from iPhone OS devices, from users seeking the Flash player to play back rich content from their favourite sites.


“Users that, before we created the special page, had no idea that Apple do not want them viewing the internet as they see it today.”


It is a response to an internal meeting at Apple last month, where Jobs was reported to claim that Flash was “buggy”, blaming most Mac crashes on problems with the plug-in software, and that HTML5 could be used in the future instead.


It also follows up another blog post by Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch a little more than a week ago, where he used examples of other smartphones like the Nexus One using Flash Player and of course denying that in the future HTML could be an adequate replacement. 


Adobe trying to blind Apple with statistics looks like a lost cause, as Apple is notoriously stubborn over anything which could hurt its closed off iPhone platform. 


In the past year the success of the iPhone without Flash and Adobe’s constant security problems have shown there is nothing that could change Jobs’ opinion in this case.