A third use smartphones before they get out of bed

More than a third of smartphone users play with their gadgets before they get out of bed, according to a new survey.

Beancounters working for Ericsson asked users when they use their shiny toys. They discovered that 35 percent of Android and iPhone owners surveyed in the US use apps such as Facebook on before even getting out of bed.

We assume they mean the more beefy apps. Some of us use our smartphones as an alarm clock which hardly counts as playing with our smartphone. As far as other apps are concerned we have enough difficulty avoiding pressing snooze instead of the “turn the effing thing off” button.

Apparently the most popular in-bed activity is accessing social networks. Which is odd. We would have thought that there were other more popular things to do in bed.

More than 18 percent of users log in while they are still in bed, and the most popular application is Facebook, Ericsson wrote.

More than 22 percent of users check in during the morning, and another 20 percent do a last check in bed before going to sleep at night.

Smartphone users do have one priority. They like to eat. Smartphone usage is the lowest during dinner, but 26 percent take their gadgets to the dinner table.

Ericsson’s survey showed that tablets are not making much of an impact yet.

Over 84 percent of those surveyed said they were as likely to choose a laptop instead of a tablet.

Only 13 percent had their eyes on a tablet as their next gadget. We’ll see which figures Sony Ericsson cooks up when it wants to promote its inevitable tablet.