3 rumoured to be ready to adopt Apple iPhone

There have been murmurs that 3 will be the next UK network to gain rights to sell the iPhone.

A friend of TechEye’s called up 3  to find out about leaving his network. According to our source, he was asked why he was leaving. He said he wanted to switch to Vodafone to grab himself an iPhone. 3 told him that by the time his contract runs out, in March, iPhones will be available to 3 customers.

We called up 3 to see if there was any truth to the rumour. 3 didn’t outright deny that the iPhone would be making the rounds through their contracts, but didn’t confirm it to us either.

What would this mean for the consumer if the iPhone does reach 3? More choice, of course, and we’d have our fingers crossed for even more competitive contracts and pricing across the iPhone networks.