13 year old girl sues Apple for poor iPhone after-sales service

A 13-year old Korean iPhone customer has filed a lawsuit against Apple Korea, demanding a 290,400 won ($256 USD) refund – the amount it cost to have her broken iPhone 3G fixed. 

The teenage girl, surname Lee, was told at an Apple service centre that her phone would be fixed for free. Later she was told she’d have to pay 290,400 won to get it fixed – after Apple Geniuses told her that a strip of label showed that her phone had come into contact with water.

She told the Korea Times: “My phone was never in water. It is absurd for Apple to claim the problem is my fault. When my phone is disassembled during the legal proceeding, we will find out the truth.”

Apple claims that the strip of label turning red is proof of its contact with water. However Lee argues it is because of moisture in the air. “Apple did not install any safety features to prevent the iPhone from being damaged from moisture and water,” she continued, “It is entirely the manufacturer’s fault.”

As with Apple’s approach to the iPhone 4’s antennagate, if this gains any traction we imagine Jobs will take to the stage with a broken Nokia 3210 and claim that it, too, was damaged by humidity. Nothing to do with manufacturing.

Lee’s father filed the law suit on behalf of his daughter. He said that the reason he and his daughter decided to press ahead with the case is to protect Korean consumers – many, he thinks, could be affected by the humidity problems. We’ll wait and see, but it’s not the first time Apple has been accused of rubbish after sales service.