£1 mobile phone found in Epsom store

Always one with an eye for a bargain, TechEye spotted an old style GSM handset sitting on the shelves in an Epsom, UK saver store for a mere £1.

Pity we didn’t look carefully enough because there was a bit of a clue on the packaging – the words ‘display phone’.

Given that Ericsson merged its mobile handset business with Sony’s back in 2001, it seemed logically to assume that the handset was at least ten years old and so its value could possibly have fallen to a mere £1.

The fact that the handset didn’t have a charger was no worry because Techeye still has a box of old handset chargers kicking around and – had it been the real thing – we could have recharged the battery. If it had possessed a battery, that is.

The battery cover felt a bit stiff and when it was finally prized off, the reason became obvious. It had been glued down. Which prevented Techeye from checking in the store itself that it was actually a GSM handset and would accept a standard SIM card.

Actually, the T28s of which this is a mock-up was quite expensive in its day (having launched in 1999). Cellphonephiles can have a peek at the specs  the handset would have possessed (had it been real) here.

There’s probably a moral to this story. As my Mum always warned our cat, “Greed is a terrible thing, Henry.”