Chrome upgrade claims data saving

51ydDxVB1NL._SL1001_Google claims its latest Chrome upgrade will help users save up to 70 percent of the data used on their smartphones and it is based on a trick learned from the days of 56k modems.

The new release removes images when loading pages over a slow connection, only requiring the user to tap the placeholder if they wish to see the image.

Chrome product manager Tal Oppenheimer explained in a blog post that people have the option to view a few images, rather than the entire collection of images displayed on one page. This selective image option enables lower data consumption, speeding up the internet connection for smartphones using the updated mode.

The new feature will initially be available to Android users in India and Indonesia and if no one dies then it will be rolled out to other countries over the next few months. The move has left the Tame Apple Press without much to say.

One paper pointed out that you did not need it because Safari had ad-blocking to help reduce data consumption but had to admit that a data-saving option has yet to be invented by Apple. It is running late, Opera also does it. Still when Apple does introduce the technology the Tame Apple Press will claim that their favourite company invented it.

Data Saver debuted in January 2014 and has now become a popular addition to both Android and iOS Chrome apps.

In March, this year, Google extended the feature to desktop and laptop. It aims to reduce data bandwidth by compressing web pages through Google’s servers before they are downloaded to a user’s device.

Originally the setting claimed to save up to 50 per cent of the user’s bandwidth, but now with added competition from browser rival Opera, Google has been spurred to improve its compression capabilities.