Android beats Apple on gaming front

Apple blossom, Mike MageeA report said that an analysis of the global installed base for smartphones and tablets showed that the Google Play shop is doing better than Apple’s iOS Apple Store.

IDC’s report said that Android devices represent nearly 75 percent of the worldwide installed base, with iOS and other devices losing share.

Although people with Apple devices spend more on their apps, nevertheless worldwide spend on Google Play grew by 50 percent in the first quarter of this year, compared to Apple’s growth of 30 percent.

Games, in the first quarter of this year, represent 30 percent of all downloads on Apple devices and 40 percent of downloads from Google Play.

And it’s multiplayer games that rule the roost, IDC said. They account for 60 percent of spend.

Top scoring mobile games in the first quarter are Clash of Clans, Monster Strike, and Game of War: Fire Age.