Apple hopes to save sinking iPad

quicksand1Apple thinks that it can save its flagging iPad sales by talking up a new model which is nearly twice the size of anything else out there.

Apparently the fruity cargo cult is expecting its fanboys to choose one of two 12 inch iPads.  Jobs’ Mob is also planning two new features for its iPads – a split screen which will make a tablet like two phablets running side by side (hooray) and support for multi-user logins so that if an Apple fanboy gets a friend he can give them access to his Coldplay collection.… Read the rest

Samsung announces IMDB memory

Bentley-Reserve-SFSamsung, for the second year in a row, selected the Bentley Reserve (Old Mint) in San Francisco as the venue for announcing a series of products ranging from IoT Artik single mini board computing systems to support for massive In-Memory Database (IMDB) DIMMs with Near Data Processing (NDP) support.… Read the rest

Apple readies new rash of iPhones

Apple blossom, Mike MageeWhile Apple, along with other vendors, is seeing a decrease in sales of tablets, the outlook is rosy for the iPhone and it appears the company is set to launch two models next month.

Market intelligence company Trendforce said 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch version whill ship in the third quarter of this year, and Apple is hoping that as many as 24 million units will shi[ in that quarter.… Read the rest

Tame Apple Press knives Microsoft’s Windows 10 plan

windows-10-start-menu-customised-live-tilesMicrosoft’s push into mobile might be stalled by the lack of apps as developers are only interested in writing for Android and iOS, at least that is if you really believe  the Tame Apple Press.

Microsoft put the fear of god into Google and Apple by making its new version of Windows accept tweaked Apple and Android apps.… Read the rest

Here comes a smarter watch than Apple’s

iType SmartwatchThe iType Smartwatch has an intelligent, extremely fast keyboard interface in a wrist-worn device. With iType, you not only receive messages, but most importantly, can type a response and run any Android app directly from your wrist. Kickstarter and Pepcom’s Mobile Focus served as its launching platforms with Ryan Ghassabian showing off the working product, writes Darleen Hartley.… Read the rest

Mobile payments set to bloom

ContactlessApple Pay appears to have spurred the company’s competitors to get in on the mobile payment act and a report today said that global shipments of moble phones using near field communications (NFC) totalled 400 million units last year.

That, according to research company Topology, is about 20 percent of total shipments worldwide last year.… Read the rest