India gives Huawei security clearance

15-days-yoga-meditation-and-trekking-retreat-in-the-indian-himalayasWhile the US thinks that Huawei is the spying division of the Chinese government, it seems that India is a little more pragmatic.

Huawei has won security clearance to manufacture telecoms equipment in India, paving the way for it to become the first major Chinese brand to supply locally made products for one of the world’s biggest markets for mobile phones.… Read the rest

ZTE signs 5G deal with Softbank

ZTE, Softbank dealChinese phone manufacturer ZTE said it has signed a memorandum of understand with Japanese giant Softbank for joint research and development on 5G networks.

ZTE has technology called Pre5G which includes multiple input, multiple outlet (MIMO) technology. The two companies have already worked together including ultra dense networks and multi user shared access.… Read the rest

Americans check their phones too often

mobileThe latest statistics from the US indicate that more than half of people check their smartphone for mail and messages a few times an hour. Some are even waking up in the middle of the night to check them

The poll, gathered by Gallup, said that eleven percent of respondents said they check their smartphone every few minutes and 41 percent said they check a few times an hour.… Read the rest