Oxford University notes more complaints about Apple Play

Radcliffe Camera, Oxford - pic Mike MageeApple’s move into streaming music services is attracting more complaints daily.

Oxford University’s TheySay sentiment analysis company monitored Twitter to work out the overall feeling towards the new service and discovered that Apple’s normally psychopathically enthusiastic fanbase was not impressed.

When Jobs’ Mob announced Apple Music received an overall 85 percent approval rating from tweeters, but now that it’s here, the actual service is proving as popular as the Boston Strangler.… Read the rest

All roads lead to an end to global roaming

All roads lead to RomeThe European Union reached a preliminary deal on Tuesday to scrap mobile roaming charges across the 28-country bloc by June 2017.

The move is part of the old country’s overhaul of the telecoms market to boost growth and innovation.

Latvia, which holds the rotating EU presidency, has been spinning the idea which says that by 15 June 2017 roaming surcharges in the European Union will be abolished.… Read the rest

Xiaomi and Qihoo have boo-who over pregnant women

blog-pic-2Marketing in China is starting to get more underhand as Qihoo started marketing a wi-fi router with a switch which made it safer for pregnant women.

It is not clear what the switch actually does, as wi-fi is normally safe for pregnant women and Qihoo might as well have released a switch that rendered the signal “fat person friendly” or “suitable for vegans”.… Read the rest

Chip making and PC figures a load of old Tosh

toshiba-11q4-C655D-S5330-cover-lgThe inquiry into creative accounting at Toshiba has found that the outfit’s semiconductor and PC businesses were also affected by the scandal.

In May, Toshiba set up a third-party committee to expand a probe into other businesses after an internal investigation found “accounting problems” related to infrastructure and construction work.… Read the rest