Marconi invented something useful after all

marconiThe Italian Brit who is famous for inventing the radio when he didn’t might have come up with a real idea after all and could be the brains behind a new form of wireless chip antenna.

Cambridge engineer Gehan Amaratunga, was looking at Guglielmo Marconi’s British patent application from 1900, known as 7777 , and he spotted a little noticed detail.… Read the rest

Cyanogen wants to break Android grip with Microsoft

CyanogenCyanogen, which wants to break Android’s dependence on Google, has signed a partnership with Microsoft.

The big idea is to bundle Microsoft services into the Cyanogen OS including “Bing services, Skype, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, and Microsoft Office.”

Cyanogen started as an aftermarket Android ROM maker, but then It got an outside CEO, Kirk McMaster, who wanted to “take Android away from Google.”

Cyanogen want to supply its Android distribution to OEMs as a kind of outsourced software house, and currently Cyanogen OS powers the OnePlus One.… Read the rest

Google Chrome gets Taiwanese boost

Google OgleTwo major Taiwanese hardware manufacturers are backing Google and will introduce Chrome devices this quarter.

Google is determined to outwit Microsoft and Acer, along with Asustek and other major vendors are creating super lightweight laptops as well as an oversized USB like stick, the Chromebit, kitted out with an OS that uses HDMI to turn displays into computers.… Read the rest

Supremes insist on warrants to search phones

The US Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the police need warrants to search the mobile phones of people they arrest.

The decision will offer protection to the people arrested every year, many for minor crimes who have found coppers searching through their phones looking for something more serious to arrest them on

The ruling applies to searches of tablet and laptop computers and it also might apply to searches of homes and businesses and of information held by third parties like phone companies.… Read the rest