TechEye takes a dekko at two gaming laptops

Tamlin Magee takes on two laptops, head to head. The MSI GT740 vs the Rock Xtreme 840 SLI.

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Results are in

Who’s the winner? I’d say after a steady fight over many long, gruelling rounds, the heavyweight in the Rock corner just about ties with the middleweight in MSI’s corner. I’m sorry if that’s a cop out, but both are good machines, with their own significant pros and cons. The MSI is a better all-rounder, while we feel that the Rock is a better gaming machine. The Rock has brilliant design, save for the dodgy touchpad, while the MSI looks a little dated. But then again, you can pick up the MSI without a dedicated workout program every day.

We’d say if we had to, and really had to choose, for gaming the Rock wins thanks to its excellent display and improved keyboard. The MSI would take the trophy as a jack-of-all-trades.

* EyeSee Thanks to the lovely people at EA for providing the games.