Solid state drives become affordable

indian-driverless-carDuring this year solid state drives (SSDs) in notebooks will achieve 40 percent market penetration.

That’s according to Taiwanese analysts at Trendforce, which sai that prices of SSDs are falling so much that it’s become affordable to use them in notebooks rather than traditional whirring hard drives.

For example, Trendforce said the contract price for 128GB drives fell to $50 in the second quarter and their grown up relations, 256GB drives, are only $90.

Vendors are beginning to produce next generation 3D NAND flash products during the course of this year and Trendforce estimates penetration will be as much as 50 percent by 2017.

One manufacturer in particular – Samsung – is setting the pace by aggressively its flash based products and its drives are being used more and more in notebook machines.

There also appears to be a change in interface between the drives and the host machine, with more vendors using high speed serial PCIe rather than S-ATA 3.0. Apple has already made the switch. Others are sure to follow.