Germany takes the lead in 2-in-1 market

German coat of armsMany analysts are predicting that 2-in-1 devices – that is to day PCs with detachable screens – are showing strong signs of growth.

And now IDC said that figures it has obtained will show that by the end of this year Germany will be the biggest 2-in-1 market in Western Europe. Its projections estimate that nearly 800,000 devices will ship to Germany by the end of this year.

IDC said volumes of 2-in-1s in the country have grown by 30 percent compared to last year, but demand for these devices has exceeded predictions.

And it’s not only ordinary people that are buying these devices but enterprises too, according to IDC. Chrystelle Labesque, a research manager at IDC Europe said: “2-in-1s are the only [PC] product category with a positive outlook over the next four years. This is due to an acceleration of the mobility trend, driven by increasing digitalisation of business processes in German companies and by the release of Windows 10.”

Windows 10, she said, has the potential to solve integration problems with existing IT infrastructures.

Unlike other territories, IDC said that Samsung beats Apple in the smartphone and tablet market with a third of total shipments.