Zynga hires people and non people alike

Social Gaming outfit, Zynga, is doing pretty well for itself since discovering that millons of people on Facebook weren’t really interested in social interaction at all and would rather milk virtual cows.

Indeed, the firm  is so successful it has literally been hiring farm hands left right and centre, using GDC as fertile land to round up new recruits.

Listening in to a Zynga executive pitching a job vacancy to a bespectacled and befuddled looking developer in the conference’s lunch room, reporter overheard the following nugget of a phrase:

“We’ve literally got a house full of developers and people who are highly motivated right now and excitedly working on a whole bunch of projects.” Developers AND people, eh? Well, bully for Zynga to have two separate species working for it!

The exec also gushed that it was impossible to do any kind of long term planning at Zynga, at least not in the “traditional sense,” because “you know, Facebook comes along and changes something or does something and we just adapt to that. We plan for next week, not next month or next year.”

Sheesh, not sure we could quite hack the uncertainty and stress of it all really. We’d probably rather have a cow, man.