Zuckerberg wants kids on Facebook

Despite objections, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to turn his social notworking site into an all you can eat buffet for groomers by letting kids younger than 13 to have access.

Zuckerberg thinks that kids can learn shedloads from other children, and he told the NewSchools Summit in California that Facebook is the place to do it.

At the moment, Facebook does not allow kids younger than 13 to sign up.

However it was recently revealed that 7.5 million Facebook users were younger than that.

A Consumer Reports study shows that millions of young Facebook users may have lied about their age to get access to the social networking site.

Last week, the US Senate Commerce Committee heard comments about how Mark Zuckerberg lacked social values and that the founder was focused on his business model instead.

The result was that panel chairman John Rockefeller dared to suggest Zuckerberg lacked social values and is more focused on making his business bigger, faster and better than anybody before him.

Zuckerberg is currently forbidden to carry out his cunning plan by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which says that children under 13 are not allowed to join an online service which collects user information data.

But Zuckerberg says younger children will join networks like Facebook. He said that it would be a fight his company to take on at some point. He equated the use of Facebook as education, and to do that you need to start at a young age.

We are not quite sure what Facebook could teach you, however it does leave the possibility that Facebook will provide a lot of snaps of kids to those who probably should not have them.