Zuckerberg no longer a top ten billionaire

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been kicked out of the club made up of the world’s ten richest technology billionaires and has been told to hand back his key for the executive loos.

After the Facebook IPO, Zuckerberg was as rich as Croesus thanks to his 503.6 million shares and 60 million options that have an exercise price of six cents a share

But as shareholders realised what we had been saying all along, that the company’s value was overrated, Zuckerberg’s value has been falling dramatically.

Over the last week he lost $420 million as Facebook shares fell to around $20, a record low.

Bloomberg said Zuckerberg is ‘only’ worth $10.2 billion, probably less if you just boiled him down for parts.

This means that he is $400 million behind James Goodnight who is the co-founder of SAS who now ranks as technology’s 10th- richest person, and apparently has to serve the other nine drinks and food until he moves up a spot.

Zuckerberg can go to the cash machine and collect $150 million. Bloomberg says he has other liquid assets – we guess that means a bottle of Talisker which Spinola has not nicked yet.