Zuckerberg depicted yellow bellied on screen

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and inspiration for an unlikely Hollywood blockbuster, has joined the list of stars who have appeared on The Simpsons. He joins the likes of Stephen Hawking and, er, Aerosmith.

Once upon a time The Simpsons used to be deeply satirical and clever, many many seasons ago, and celebrities would agree to appear with a sense of self deprecation that doesn’t appear anymore. Now it’s more of an honour roll – if America knows who you are, and you’re popular, The Simpsons is a who’s who of who you should have heard of.

For example, Tony Blair’s disastrous apperance years ago after the beginning of the end for the series that upset the heck out of George Bush Senior – a very far cry. 

The Simpsons’ best writers are either long gone or now deeply jaded. But then again, they’re writing for a different audience now and actively competing with the likes of Family Guy and South Park whereas originally it was a sitcom that happened to be a cartoon with bright yellow people.

Zuckerberg apparently, says ZDNet, appears to show Lisa and school bully Nelson the importance of education. He says he dropped out of Harvard and will get the best kind of degree, an “honorary degree, baby!” 

As ZDNet agrees, though – it’s a shame he doesn’t deliver  a “more convincing performance on that whole privacy thing.” He’s jibed lightly and in a friendly manner when actually he’s the perfect opportunity to go wild with satire. But The Simpsons doesn’t do that anymore, and it doesn’t do jokes either.

And as with the famous theatre handprints in Hollywood, we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if a Simpsons cameo has its own price on it now. Rant over.