YouTube most viewed, top dog video site in the US

It may not come as much of a surprise, but the official word – at least from ComScore – is that YouTube and Google video sites are still the go-to for internet video in the US. Over may, 183 million US internet users went to watch video online, with taking a huge stake, having 14.6 billion videos viewed and getting past the 100 videos per user threshold for the first time.

Overall, users in the USA in May watched about 34 billion videos. Google sites were top dog with 14.6 billion videos viewed in May, or a 43.1 percent market share. YouTube made up the majority of the Google sites used. Hulu, which is still only viewable in the States, took the number two spot with 1.2 billion videos viewed, or 3.5 percent of all viewed videos. 

Microsoft sites claimed third place with 642 million views or 1.9 percent share. Vevo grabbed fourth place with 430 million views, or 1.3 percent of the share, and Viacom Digital fifth with 347 million views, or one percent of the share.

For video content sites and excluding video server networks, the most videos watched per user was YouTube, with 144.6 million unique viewers over May – or 101.2 videos per viewer. Yahoo sites grabbed 46.0 million viewers and managed 7.3 per viewer, while Vevo got 45.6 million viewers and an average of 9.4 videos per viewer.

Seems Google’s decision to buy out YouTube was a good’n – everyone’s having to play serious catch-up, while Hulu looks to be the only contender, and only just.