YouTube launches on-demand film streaming with 400 free titles

Instead of just offering videos of people falling over and kittens meowing at stuff, YouTube is now offering a full on demand film service, launched today with 400 free-of-charge full length feature movies available for streaming.

It can be found at and will offer everything from obscurities to classics and all inbetween. It’s got a ton of Bollywood films up as well as some old Jackie Chan an Bruce Lee hits, reports Tech Crunch, probably making it the wet dream come true of any geeky pot head. In the UK the deal has been struck with Blinkbox which already offers an on demand service, flogging flicks like Shutter Island and Avatar for three quid each, to rent.

There are some awesome sounding hammy horror films including but not limited to Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned, which features strong language, graphic nudity, explicit sexual situations, strongly violent or disturbing scenes and mild drug abuse.

The deal means Youtube, which has always steered clear of content that may unnerve young’ns but is popular on other, dodgier sites ending in ‘tube’ will now be another website overzealous parents and religious folk will have to watch out for. Owned by Google, perhaps it’s a taste of things to come for Google’s eventual TV service – Apple will respond, no doubt, by only allowing content from Jobs’ Eden.