YouTube cartoon gets a kid suspended from school

British Columbia school administrators at Donald A. Wilson Secondary School were so miffed at a cartoon drawn by an 18 year-old posted on YouTube that they called the cops.

According to the Globe and Mailthe videos were drawn, filmed and posted in Jack Christie’s own time. One was called Jack Christie Talks to Children and it feature an animated representation of himself leading a pair of kids on adventures and explaining politics and corporate whistle-blowing.

Christie’s teachers didn’t have a problem with the content. One even allowed his voice to be used for the animation. However what miffed the School Board was when Christie uploaded the videos to YouTube.

He was swiftly given a one-day suspension and was told by the principal to take the videos down or the police would be called. He told the principal that he would stick to his principles.

His fellow students are also fuming and are campaigning to get Christie reinstated. Gavin Russell, prime minister of the student government, managed to gather lots of signatures on a petition supporting Christie before two staff members warned him that, if he continued, he could also face punishment.

Nothing like teaching kids how democracy and free speech works. Given that Christie might miss the rite of passage “the Prom” because of his stand against their stupidity, we suspect this will end up in court.