Ye Book of the Anonymous Men

1. AND IT CAME TO PASS as the seasons closed, that a tribe of Hackers called Anonymous did gird their loins to smite all who stood against King Julian of Assange.2. While Assange was waiting on the LORD in a British jail, the Anonymous tribe did hope to free him with many bloody attacks.3. They did smite Amazon and Mastercard for betraying King Julian, the Swedish government for asking him to be thrown into jail.  They also did smite the Swiss bank which decided to collect King Julian’s shekels not. 4. So great was the smiting that people came forth unto these Kingdom’s websites and found them become waste; their servers were burned with fire; their online real estate was overturned before your eyes, made waste and overcome by Anonymous men from strange lands.5. And LO there was much fear spoken in the press about the Anonymous tribe even unto the Daily Mail.  For it was thought “who can standeth against these attackers?”6. But then the Anonymous men believed that all who stood against them should be cast down and they cared not if they were friends or foe.7. “Are we not fighting for free speech?  Let us make sure that no-one else speaketh against free speech,” they said.8. And they smote   Twitter  after there were accusations that it censored Wikileaks to prevent it from trending.9. And the social networking site Facebook did stand against the Anonymous men for they said that it was a violation against its “terms of service”.  And so too was it smote.10. But then the world did get weary of all this smiting. Websites dedicated to the Anonymous men started to be removed and people saw them not.11.  The Anonymous Men did cry out and were confounded.  “We are being pickethed upon by the CIA just like King Julian.”12. But the world did careth not for it was weary of smiting and just wanted King Julian to faceth the music in court and getteth it over with.13. However King Julian wanted not to be tried. For in prison was he not a martyr to free speech?  Did not the  The Anonymous Men fight for him, even unto the death? Whereas if he went unto the Swedish Court, he would just be another Aussie sex pest who likely not the rubber of protection.