YapBrowser returns, warns GFI

For the love of all things holy – don’t let your un-savvy friends or relatives on the web download YapBrowser. 2006’s faux-browser annoyance has returned, again as a treasure trove of adware posing as legitimate software.

If you thought you’d seen the last of it, says GFI Labs, think again. YapBrowser is a shoddy piece of software full to the brim with stuff designed to take over your PC. It does work… kind of.

Open up YapBrowser and it looks like a genuine web browser. Arguably, marginally better than IE6. But point it to anything else and you’ll be whisked away to dodgy porn sites after your credit card details.

Not only will your nan be in for a surprise if she somehow falls for YapBrowser’s ploys – it is twinned with ruinous spyware. The sort that installs dodgy software to your system tray, causing pop ups every ten minutes, replacing 404 error pages, home pages, search pages and local pages, invisible clickers, swapping Google searches, changing security levels to low and a bunch of other nasty surprises.

On GFI’s bog,  the security outfit points out YapBrowser’s shoddy home page and false promises about keeping you protected online. Christopher Boyd at GFI did some digging and it looks like YapBrowser is registered in the UK.

Although the internet has changed a great deal since 2006, there’s a chance some people will still be caught out. A GFI spokesperson told us: “GFI is seeing a significant increase in rogue applications being used, successfully, to spread and infect end-user PCs with malware, adware and/or spyware. 

“Especially among the novice group, people do fall for these things, especially when they are accompanied with a suitably slick web site and overall online presence, as the re-published YapBrowser now is.”