Yahoo to offer Bing results this week

Yahoo has announced today that it is to begin moving the back-end technology for Yahoo Search over to Microsoft’s Bing search engine later this week.

This is the first sign of implementation of the Yahoo and Microsoft Search Alliance, revealed earlier this year with official testing beginning last month. The transition will see Yahoo’s search engine list search results from Microsoft’s Bing.

Previously it was suggested that it might by the end of the year or early next year before the fruits of the new Alliance would be seen, but evidently both Yahoo and Microsoft are keen to get the ball rolling much sooner than that.

The deal between these companies is clearly aimed at knocking Google from its dominant position in the search market, which Microsoft hoped it could do alone with Bing. However, with slow uptake of Bing it has looked to old rival Yahoo, which was also struggling against the might of Google’s growing empire.

Yahoo users should begin to see “Powered by Bing” plastered all over the Yahoo search engine some time this week. Yahoo has assured its users that this will not detract from its current features, such as Search Assist, site flters, and related topic suggestions. 

It also said that developers and publishers need not fear about the update negatively affecting tools like SearchMonkey and Site Explorer, as updates for these have been developed by Yahoo and Microsoft and are available immediately.

It remains to be seen if this will have any real effect on Yahoo and Microsoft’s positions in the search market, but it certainly cannot hurt to team up to take down Google.