Yahoo to integrate Twitter

Yahoo has joined forces with Twitter in order to work out how either of them can make any money out of the 140 character social media phenomenon.

Twitter is hoping to become a ‘one stop shop’ and will now allow Yahoo users to broadcast tweets and and monitor other tweets on Yahoo web pages.

The tweets will be shown on the web pages that focus on news, sports, entertainment and finance, and Yahoo’s popular email service.

Yahoo announced in December 2009 that it would be intergrating with Facebook. This alliance will be up and running in the first half of 2010, with Twitter due to be completed by December.

By Christmas next year Yahoo users will be able to check a feed of their friends and contacts on both the Twitter and Facebook, through their Yahoo home or e-mail pages.

Analysts believe Yahoo will pay for Twitter’s user-generated content, although the precise arrangements of the agreement are unknown.

Last year Google and Microsoft announced that they would be displaying tweets in their search engine results.

“This is much deeper [than the Google/Microsoft tie-up]. Yahoo is committed to being the one place you go to connect with others,” Yahoo’s vice-president of communities, Jim Stoneham told the FT. “It’s one network of networks.”

Yahoo will, of course be hoping that this venture will be more successful than Google’s attempt at integrating ‘status update’ style features to its email service. Google Buzz, was met with concerns over privacy when it was launched in early February.