Yahoo is dying to do better than it's not

The search engine Yahoo, which once ruled the online world, is dying, according to the lastest figures from beancounters at Comscore.

The analysts counted out the market share of each of the big search engines and found that Google and Microsoft are carving up Yahoo’s empire between themselves.

Google’s market share rose to 66.6 per cent in December from 66.2 per cent in November, while Microsoft grew to 12 per cent from 11.8 per cent. However Yahoo dropped to 16 per cent from 16.4 per cent.

Market share is less important to Yahoo these days because it has farming out its search functions to Microsoft’s Bing, with the two companies splitting revenue. However it is starting to look like the glorious alliance is doing more to benefit Google than anything else.

While Google is continuing to grow it shows that the alliance is not stopping the search engine juggernaut. Users, either from Bing or from Yahoo are drifting to Google as the outfit tries to protect its online advertising revenue

We suspect that while it is making cash from its Microsoft deals, one of the main reasons it  is making money is the huge amount of cash it has invested in Asian websites, and little to do with search at all.