Yahoo head honcho tells TechCrunch editor to eff off

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz told TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington to “**** off” during an interview in New York City today. The **** stands for the F word.

Arrington started the ball rolling by asking “So how the **** are you?” He then grilled her on key topics, such as the just announced alliance with Nokia and a partnership with The **** stands for the F word.

She told him that she has a BlackBerry and an iPhone, but no Android device, probably because she believes Google needs to diversify and grow the size of Yahoo every year.

When asked if Yahoo had a “product Czar” like Steve Jobs she said there was no one like that in Yahoo and they do not have a single strategy.

Arrington asked Bartz what she thought about not owning Facebook, to which she said “Oh, I’d love to own it – shit, why not? I’d love to be Queen Bubah – but I’m not.”

He raised the fact that in 2008 she refused the job offer of CEO of Yahoo, saying she was not the right person for the job. He asked her if she was now, to which she said: “I’m one of many. Many people could do this job. There’s no one special person for any job. That’s the beauty of it.”

He then asked her about her sentiments that bloggers need to tone down their criticisms and stop trying to offer advice, but asked if she was being hypocritical, considering she had been recently caught offering advice for how Google should be doing its business. She said she was just giving her opinion.

He asked if her pitch was “kind of BS though,” to which she responded “I’ve been here a few months. Give me a break.” She cited how Steve Jobs took seven years to grow his company after returning to Apple in 1997.

To drive the point home she added: “You are involved in a very tiny company.”

She said it probably takes some time just to convince himself what to do, and closed with the rather polite: “So **** off!” The **** stands for the F word.

A spokesperson for Yahoo didn’t say to us: “Look here you up-your-own-a*** piece of ******* ****, you ****ing reporters think youre so ****ing wonderful, well youre not a mover or a shaker, you’re just a ****”

Of course, it could be said that Arrington was fishing for this response from the opening greeting, but Bartz really should have kept her composure. No one cares what she had to say about teaming up with Nokia anymore – we want to hear her swear some more.

We asked TechEye editor Mike Magee what he thought of the whole debacle. He said: “She certainly shivered his timbers, but yeah, she shouldn’t have lost it.”

“Bloody Yahoo – the sheng fui is all wrong,” he added. “Rather unparliamentary language, init?”