World's oldest Twitterer invited to Downing Street

Ivy Bean, who rose to fame in the national press for officially being the world’s oldest Twitterer, has just been sent an invitation to head to 10 Downing Street under the guise of ‘Celebrating our ageing society.’


Ivy Bean, whose tweets you can catch at @IvyBean104, makes brilliantly charming posts about her cat and Peter Andre, who she delighted in meeting. Straight from the Bean’s mouth: “Gordon Brown is no Peter Andre but it will still be nice to meet him.”

While we think it’s lovely that Ivy will get lush treatment by the soon-to-be Ex PM, we can’t help but think, with the state of the NHS’ wards where elderly people are treated more like cattle than human beings, this is something of a press stunt, much like breaking down in tears in front of Piers Morgan.

We don’t buy it, Gordo.