Women download twice as much mobile content as men

Women download twice as much content to their phones as men, according to a new report from Myxer, the online ringtone, wallpaper and games database.

Myxer reported that it tends to see a greater number of women on a monthly basis, and the average female tends to download more than the average male. It backed up this claim with the figures in the report, which show that during the month of April 67 percent of all downloads from Myxer were from women, compared to only 33 percent from men.

The report also showed that 59.4 percent of new users downloading mobile content were female, up from 57 percent in a similar report in 2009.

The average amount of downloads per month were 7.5 for a man and nine for a woman, a difference of 17 percent.

The type of smartphone a woman or man is likely to pick is also different, with women going for a BlackBerry more often and men going for an Adroid-based phone more often. The report revealed that the BlackBerry is still the leading smartphone on the market, with nearly half of Myxer’s users saying they’d pick one.

Total downloads were higher on Android-based phones compared to the iPhone, with women downloading 21 percent more on an Android phone compared to only six percent more on an iPhone.

Over 60% of users coming to Myxer from wireless phone companies like T-Mobile were women.

The age distribution by gender showed the following:

Myxer survey of age distribution by gender

Surveys of this kind are not an exact art, of course, with only 18 million of the 34 million Myxer users specifying their gender in their profiles, meaning that potentially that other 16 million could reveal contrary figures.