Woman to Tweet for 36 hours straight in Marie Curie appeal

A woman from Edinburgh and self confessed “crazy lady” is doing a 36 hour Twitterthon, starting today, to raise money for the Marie Curie foundation UK.

So far she’s been Tweeting just about every minute. Of course, plenty of Twitter addicts spend 36 hours straight online anyway, microblogging about Nytol and late night television. The difference is they’re generally geeky insomniacs while this is for a good cause – and it’ll be interesting to see if the Twitter mob picks up on it. 

Twitter’s got some good folk on it and we’re fans here at @TheTechEye. Just last month, when Frank Sidebottom sadly passed away, users managed to raise £2,700 within the hour to go towards his funeral expenses and the donations kept rolling in. 

We decided to ask Hilary a couple of questions, and in the spirit of her endeavour, we’ve asked her to reply to us in 140 characters or less. 

What is your motivation for doing this?

I want to make lots of lovely money for Marie Curie, and also to see if I can stay up all night and well into the next day. It’ll be a challenge as I love sleep and get grumpy without it. I may end up hulking out. Rargh! 

Why pick Twitter over anything else? 

I love twitter, I think it’s a great tool and one that hasn’t really been exploited to its fullest extent by charities. I also love the friendly people on here and enjoy interacting with them. They make me do laughs out of my face.

Why pick Marie Curie over other charities?

My grandma was cared for by Marie Curie nurses in her own home. She was scared of hospitals and hospices so it was a great relief to her to be able to stay in familiar surroundings. Marie Curie are free and funded by donations.

What are you going to be Tweeting about for a full 36 hours?

I’m never entirely sure WHAT I tweet about. Things just seem to come into my head. Silly jokes, mainly. And also I’ll repeatedly mention what a great job Marie Curie do.

Who’s your favourite Twitterer?

Hard question. Um, some of my very favourite folk are @Manytypesoftea, @Mansonovic @Heidistephens, @Katbrown82 and @fudgecrumpet. Favourite celeb is @Glinner. 

Aren’t you going to go MAD?

Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude but have you always been a massive, talking cauliflower with blankets for eyes?

And, since you mentioned bum jokes, please tell us a bum joke.

I can’t think of any! Don’t be such a pain in the arse.

How many donations have you had so far? 

Total is £252, and I’d love it if I could make a round £1000 for Marie Curie- totally achievable given we’ve only been at it for 3 and a half hours so far! Come on, people.

Aaaaaand, anything else you’d like to say at all?

Yes, just search for #36hrtwitterthon to read the latest action, and don’t forget to spread the word. 


You can donate on this page here.  Do it!