Woman promises the Moon on eBay

In one of the dafter attempts at eBay deception, a woman tried to use the online retailer to flog a red hot lump of Moon rock.

According to AP, the woman tried to flog the moon rock for $1.7 million to an undercover NASA agent and was later arrested.

Moon rocks are considered national treasures and are illegal to sell.

They were given to each US state and 136 countries by then-President Richard Nixon after US moon missions. More than 10 US states and over 90 countries cannot account for their shares of the Moon rocks.

Millions of dollars would be about the right price if you could find one on the black market, and you probably would not see them for sale on eBay.

NASA investigators and Riverside County sheriff’s deputies detained the woman after the two agreed on a price and the woman pulled out the rock.

So far, NASA is not certain if it is Moon rock as it is being tested for armalcolite, a mineral first discovered on the moon and named for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, who were on the Apollo 11 lunar mission crew.

Joseph Gutheinz, a University of Phoenix instructor and former NASA investigator, has spent years tracking down missing moon rocks.

The woman is has not been arrested or charged yet. This is partly because the coppers do not know whether to do her for fraud or theft.

Gutheinz told AP that most purported Moon rocks offered for sale on the internet are bogus. It was possible, however, to have an authentic Moon rock if it arrived as a meteorite.

Fake Moon rocks have fooled a number of boffins. In 2009, the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands confirmed that one of its rocks was a fake.

A stolen rock, which was presented to Honduras, was recovered in 1998 after a Miami collector offered $5 million for it.