Woman arrested for hiring hitman on Facebook

Clearly the sharpest knives in some drawer in Philadelphia, two bright sparks have landed themselves in prison after allegedly soliciting the murder of a father over Facebook.

The arrested London Eley, ex-girlfriend and mother to the attempted victim’s child, thought the easiest way to take out a hit was to post a status update on Facebook. Philadelphia authorities say she wrote: “I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father”.

Timothy Bynum, says ABC, couldn’t resist that alluring stack and allegedly replied with: “say no more,” “what he look like?” “where he be at” “need dat stack 1st” and “ima mop that bull”.

That particular bull was not mopped, as the victim discovered he was a target soon after the original posting. With a plan this fool-proof it would be no surprise if the page was left open for the world to see.

Timothy Bynum’s case was not helped by the fully loaded 22 caliber gun found in his home during a police raid.

The serial number had been “obliterated,” according to authorities. He’ll be looking at attempted murder and conspiracy for the alleged witless blood contract.

London Eley is charged with solicitation to commit murder.