Windows Live blocked from tweeting Tweets

Twitter last week was slapped with a 20 year ban by the FTC on misleading people about how it maintains and protects the security, privacy and non-confidentiality of its system. Is this why Windows Live, which happily integrates with 75 or so social networks including big boys like Facebook and Flickr, has been forced to scrap its associations with Twitter?

Windows Live customers got an email just yesterday announcing that it will no longer be able to share information with Twitter from the 30 June – that’s today. Short notice, no? It says that because of recent changes in Twitter’s T&C’s, which are unnamed, “at this time we are no longer able to offer feed integration between Twitter and Windows Live”.

The email suggests a workaround: connect your Twitter to your Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace and then connect those to Windows Live. The only problem, it seems, is connecting the two directly.

A scan of the Twitter blog reveals nowt. We’ve got in touch with both Microsoft and Twitter and suspect we’ll hear nowt from them either.

Are Twitter’s latest T&C’s trying to save its own skin from another FTC Flawless Victory? We haven’t seen any other announcements saying integration is to be stopped, but it comes at a funny time – Twitter recently put out a Facebook app which lets you find which of your friends are using Twitter. It was useful and could have been huge. However, Facebook shouted, “Oi! No!” and blocked the friend finder.

Here’s the full Windows Live customer email:

Dear Windows Live Customer,

Thank you for connecting your social networks and other services with Windows Live. We are contacting you because you have added your Twitter feed to Windows Live and we want to notify you of an upcoming change. Due to a number of recent changes in Twitter’s terms of use agreement with all partners, at this time we are no longer able to offer feed integration between Twitter and Windows Live.

From June 30, 2010 your tweets will no longer be automatically imported from Twitter and shared out to your Windows Live Messenger friends. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you and we continue to work with Twitter with the goal of offering an integrated experience in the future.

We remain focused on making Hotmail, Messenger and your PC with Windows great companions to social networks and other services. This change has no impact on your ability to connect Windows Live with our other 75+ other social networks and other service partners, which include Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Flickr and more.

Additionally, if you would still like your tweets to be viewable by your Messenger friends, you can connect Twitter to Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace, and then connect any of those services to Windows Live.

Sincerely,The Windows Live Team