Will Facebook add geo-location services?

Facebook hasn’t been off our news radar this week, although most of the stories we have covered haven’t exactly been favourable, and it seems it’s ending the week with another one.

This time it’s rumours that the social notworking site could be rolling out location based features within the next few weeks.

According to advertising mag Advertising Age, Facebook will be integrating location based information and check-ins across its site and it’s no surprise that fast food giant McDonalds is already showing interest in the service.


The service, which is similar to that offered by company FourSquare, is thought to begin in the US, but we across the pond won’t have to wait much longer, but we’re not sure how we feel about this. Location based services are becoming a huge part of social networking.


We covered this yesterday, when Facebook was banging on about privacy despite being one of the most anti-privacy companies in recent times. It tried to stop a social notworking aggregation service from running, saying it violated smallprint ToS’. Facebook’s recently implemented ‘like’ feature which can be seen all over the web, cynics say, could be used to farm data on unexpecting user browsing habits, and could aid in targeted marketing.

Surely location based services evade privacy to that degree but perhaps even further. Facebook knowing where you go online and where you go in town would provide the rapidly growing company with enormous amounts of very valuable data, which the majority of the unsuspecting userbase would not be aware of.


And with Facebook’s cock up mistake over allowing friends to see other private chat conversations, can Facebook really be trusted with another service?