Wikipedia wants to be named as a world heritage site

The fake penis experts at Wikipedia are convinced that they are so important they should be preserved for eternity by UNESCO as one of the most splendid examples of humanity and nature.

Wikipedia is applying to UNESCO to earn a spot on one of the world heritage lists and would be the outfit’s first digital entity.

According to the New York Times it is a bit of a long shot for Wikipedia as UNESCO is full of conservative types, who tend to think that ten years old is not long enough to have made a sustained cultural contribution.

The idea of landing Wikipedia on a UNESCO world heritage list is the brain child of the German flavour of the site. Volunteers have produced 1.2 million entries, second only to the number in English. It is controlled by a Berlin nonprofit called Wikimedia which proposed the idea in March.

Wackipedia founder Jimmy Wales said that the reception to the idea was enthusiastic – after all it would put him in the same league as the semi-divine Imhotep, the bloke who designed the pyramids.

Wales said that Wikipedia is “this amazing global cultural phenomena” that has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,” Mr. Wales said in his usual understated way.

Wikipedia was helping to educate people around the world, providing a wealth of basic facts, background information and key context, provided they do not want to know anything that the editors don’t like, such as the Everywhere Girl, and Mike Magee.

Even if the bid fails, Wales claims that it will raise awareness of Wikipedia and how important he… er, it is important to humanity.

Susan Williams, the head of external media relations at UNESCO in Paris, told the Times that a bid by a digital entity like Wikipedia would be unprecedented.

There was also the small problem that to be included for inclusion the culture or practice must be endangered. Sadly, editors with chips on their shoulders are far too common at Wikipedia, and the lesser spotted Jimmy Wales is as common as muck.