Wikipedia gets serious about stuff

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia is to set up relationships with universities in a bid to fill in the holes the amateurs have left.

That’s according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, which says that the Wikimedia Foundation has had a million dollar grant from the Stanton Foundation to speed it on its way.

The big idea is to get academics involved in providing content to Wikipedia, which has had more than its share of the slings and arrows of critics. First off, it will engage with academics in the realm of public policy – a catch all term that includes science, health and politics.

A rep from Wikimedia told the Journal that it has already worked with a number of academics connected with healthcare but public policy will be something most Americans are interested in.

But just because it’s talking to scientists and professors doesn’t mean that it’s abandoning the people that built up the site – in fact Wikipedia wants them to cooperate with the scientists, according to the Journal, here (subscription required).