Wikipedia admits it needs to change

Wikipedia appears to have woken up to the fact that its crack editorial team of fake Phds, and false penis experts with a chip on their shoulders, are not cutting the mustard.

For a while now Wikipedia has been edited by a select bunch of people who have a habit of erasing people and things from history that they don’t like.

The downside of this is that people who do know what they are talking do not touch Wikipedia with a barge pole.

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told the Wikimania 2012 conference at George Washington University’s campus in Washington that it was time for things to change.

The 11-year old site is struggling to draw new editors, especially women and is showing its age.

Wales told AP that it was time for Wikipedia to update itself and its community needs to be a little more welcoming.

The moment a person makes their first edit they are immediately corrected or deleted by someone who knows very little about the subject.

Sue Gardner, president of the Wikimedia Foundation warned the conference that the outfit was losing editors and the problem may be that Wikipedia is “homely, awkward and hand-crafted”.

This has made it difficult to attract new blood who want to add to the site’s collection of at least four million entries.

Most of the current batch of editors are young men and only 10 percent to 15 percent of Wikipedia’s editors are women. This is possibily because young men on Wikipedia do not like women, particularly if she is the Everywhere Girl who must be hunted down and deleted wherever she is found.

Wikipedia has launched easier editing software and partnered with groups such as the Ada Initiative, which works to support women in the open-source technology community.