Wikipedia accused of harbouring paedophiles

An article on the Fox News website has alleged that a worldwide network of paedophiles is using Wikipedia to foster its own agenda.

Fox News claims that Wikipedia is being subverted by paedophiles both in web chat rooms and elsewhere to push the view that sex with children is legitimate.

Fox News alleges there are dozens of links from Wikipedia articles to external paedophile sites, while the entry on paedophilia itself is edited by a pedophile. It also claims that a large number of posts on “BoyChat2 link to Wikipedia pages such as “child sex tourism”.

But Wikipedia itself denies that it harbours paedophilia and has a zero tolerance policy about child pornography and advocacy. Sue Gardner, executive director of Wikimedia, told Fox News that the community is active about identifying and removing any material of this type.

She said: “Any allegations to the contrary are outrageous and false”. The Fox News article is here.