Wikileaks "victim" speaks out

One of the women who was allegedly involved in a “sex smear campaign” against Julian Assange, the boss of Wikileaks, has spoken out.

Anna Ardin said that she did not know the woman who told a Swedish newspaper Wikileaks boss Julian Assange had raped her. But for some reason the woman approached her and she agreed to attend a police station to make a complaint of her own.

The Guardian seems to think that the issue may have had to do with Assange’s lack of willingness to use condoms.

She said that she believed the other woman because she had a similar experience herself. The other woman wanted to report a rape: “I gave my statement as a support statement to her story and to support her.”

While the rape complaint has been dropped, Ardin’s own claim is being taken more seriously.

Silicon Valley gossip site Valleywag  said that Ardin was the political secretary and press officer of the Swedish “Brotherhood Movement”, a group of left wing Christians from the Social Democratic Party. She is a big name among Sweden’s left wing and as Valleywag points out, she is incredibly unlikely to be a Pentagon plant.

What is perhaps interesting is that Assange has rushed to play the conspiracy card.

Assange claims that dirty tricks were involved, pointing out that a tabloid newspaper, Expressen, had contacted Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand, the prosecutor who laid the charges, within a few hours. Yes, but we are talking about Ardin here.

Assange told another Swedish newspaper that he expected to be embroiled in controversy following his recent involvement in the leak of classified military documents from Afghanistan.

He said that he had been warned that the Pentagon plans to use dirty tricks to spoil things and honey traps was one of the tricks used.