Wikileaks turns on its founder for being Australian

Whistle blowing site Wikileaks is imploding and is calling for its founder, Julian Assange step down for the crime of being a classic Aussie. .

We have already reported how Wikileaks as moving to get rid of its gounder over sex allegations.  But a member of Iceland’s parliament and prominent WikiLeaks organiser Birgitta Jonsdottir has told The Daily Beast  that she did not believe Assange’s claims that the allegations of rape and molestation made against him were part of a US-backed smear campaign.

She said that this is a situation that has clearly gotten out of hand and Assange’s personal matters should have nothing to do with Wikileaks.

Jonsdottir, who speaks Swedish, has looked at the Swedish police records and disputed Assange’s claim that the allegations were politically motivated. However she thinks that everything is probably due to a cultural misunderstanding.

Apparently, while Assange is brilliant he is not so hot on social skills.”He’s a classic Aussie in the sense that he’s a bit of a male chauvinist,” Jonsdottir said, being a classic Icelander.

Jonsdottir told him to sort out his legal mess and let some other people carry the torch. Another Wikileaks organiser, speaking on condition that they remained anonymous, said that Assange’s insistence on staying in charge of the site was creating “a mess for everyone”.

Wikileaks workers were so miffed that they had temporarily shutdown the website a number of days ago. It was a case of the techies telling Assange to rethink his situation.