Wikileaks smear campaign starts

Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange seems to be at the centre of a smear campaign with allegations of rape and molestation appearing in the Swedish press.

A mysterious allegation of rape was levelled at him and Swedish prosecutors issued and then later withdrew, an arrest warrant against him for rape.

Prosecutors initially said he was wanted for questioning about accusations of rape and molestation following reports in the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

The complaints were brought by two women in Sweden, where the Australian-born internet activist has been staying for the past week.

Hours after the arrest warrant was announced, red faced prosecutors said that the the warrant had been withdrawn and the rape suspicion was unfounded.

Assange described the accusations as an attempt to smear him over his whistleblowing work. WikiLeaks is soon going to publish 15,000 more documents about the Afghan war which will show the US government up as genocidal maniacs.

Assange said on Twitter, that the rape allegations were “deeply disturbing”. He added that at no point had he been contacted by the local plod.

Two Swedish newspapers said the allegations of rape were made by two women who worked with Wikileaks in Sweden. Prosecutors said they were still looking into the accusation of molestation. But other sources in the Swedish media said the women did not report the case to the police, so quite what is really going on is anyone’s guess.

Certainly it is in the US government’s interest to make Assange appear like a molester of women as they believe it would turn some of the heat off the information that is about to be released. We are surprised that he was not accused of paedophilia as that is the most reliable method of discrediting anyone in the 21st century.