Wikileaks scraps with CIA again, leaks US terrorism export document

Wikileaks has been baiting all of its Twitter followers since yesterday promising a new leak. It seems it is stepping up its battle against the CIA as the document has finally leaked. It’s an embarrassing secret internal report from the CIA demonstrating that the United States is very self aware about being perceived as an “exporter of terrorism”.

In the report it suggests that attacks on American soil have given the CIA and the US some level of trust. However from the report it reads throughout that the US is deeply concerned that foreign nations may perceive it to be an “exporter of terrorism,” that is to say homegrown civilians leaving the country to join extremist causes abroad.

It’s quick to point out that terrorism exports are no new thing from the US. Heck, just look at where IRA funding came from, it confirms in not so many words. 

Interestingly it’s not fussed about the export of dangerous terrorists primarily because they are terrorists.

Instead it worries that if it starts having to shop US citizens the world over its reputation will be marked and third party countries may be less likely to allow it to operate on their territory – including “interrogation”.

Make of it all what you will. The full, uncensored report is available on Wikileaks to download by PDF or Torrent here