Wikileaks revs up again

In a totally unastonishing move, Wikileaks has now reactivated all of its functions after adding new kit and code.

Potential whistleblowers can now again submit documents securely online, both via SSL at or using Tor, at secure submission address http://suw74isz7wqzpmgu.onion/ – all that despite rumour mongers claiming Wikileaks was falling into disrepair, was going to be abandoned or the Wicked Witch of the West was going to transform Julian Assange into a monkey, decapitating the Great Leader and robbing its zombie minions of the capacity to think and act all by themselves.

Webchat functionality has also been added, writes Wikileaks in its bog, connecting to the site’s internal IRC server.

For people actually using an IRC client, the group says it has added extra bells and whistles to prevent identity leakage. After all, protecting identities is a core concern of the site and no one chatting with them would enjoy having his or her name scribbled into a list in a menacing little black book, in the dark corners of a non-descript office building containing stargates, securely boxed lesser minions of C’thulhu, Stalin’s brains and intelligence analysts.

There has been a bunch of blathering about Wikileaks in the last few weeks. In its Threat Level blog, Wired wrote the site was apparently falling into disrepair. Kevin Poulsen, who happens to be the bog’s editor, was told by the person maintaining Wikileaks’ Twitter account he had a special place in hell reserved for him, following suspicions he might have had something to do with a script kid called Adrian Lamo reporting supposed whistleblower Bradley Manning to The Man.

Apart from that, has been revealing emails from some chap calling himself “A Wikileaks Insider” who claimed the site was going to be abandoned.

It is Cryptome’s policy to reveal nearly everything, except for identities. John Young, the bloke behind Cryptome, is a tad sceptical of Wikileaks because of its size and scope as he reveals here.

Wikileaks’ spending was also attacked. Some said Julian Assange had been misappropriating donations – Germany’s Wau Holland Foundation unveiled some details concerning how it managed donations held in escrow for Wikileaks last week to counter claims. Detailed financials are set to follow in August.

And all that because Wikileaks simply had to do some upgrading in order to cope with growth.