Wikileaks revolt against Assange begins

For a while now we have been reporting how there was a growing revolt against Julian Assange’s leadership of the online whistleblowing outfit Wikileaks.

Now it seems that several key figures behind the website have resigned in protest against the controversial leader Julian Assange only to launch a new service for the so-called whistleblowers.

The goal of “Openleaks” is to build a strong, transparent platform to support whistleblowers, both in terms of technology and politics, while at the same time encouraging others to start similar projects.

Unlike Wikileaks, comments from the organisation have been “anonymous” and the structure of Openleaks is said to be more democratic.

The move comes from a schism within Wikileaks against Assange’s leadership. Some within the organisation believe that the sex charges against him were the last straw and he should have stepped aside.

They briefly shut down Wikileaks because they were furious that he was using the organisation as a reason for troubles in his personal life.

Assange has claimed that the criminal charges bought against him were all a CIA plot to discredit him and Wikileaks.

But others in the organisation felt that even if that was true, he should have offered to step aside until the matter was cleared up, to save the credibility of the organisation.

Talking to, Openleaks said that it is still supportive of Wikileaks purpose and goal.

But unlike Wikileaks, Openleaks will not receive and publish information directly for the public eye. Instead, other organisations will access the Openleaks system and in turn, present their audience with the material. Documents will be processed and published by various collaborating organisations.

Openleaks wants to establish itself as a neutral intermediary without a political agenda. It wants to provide information to the media, the public, non-profit organisations, trade and union organisations and other participating groups.

No documents will be published under Openleak’s name.This means that the responsibility of publishing the information will be the media bodies who get their paws on the material. Openleaks does not want to get into the position where it has to check or edit the material.

It feels that this will mean that world leaders will not attack the organisation but will instead be more interested in silencing media outlets in their own country.  Good luck with that.