WikiLeaks rallies behind boss

Leaks coming from whistleblowing site Wikileaks seem to indicate that the staff want co-founder Julian Assange to keep his job.

While some, like Wikileaks member, Icelandic parliamentarian, Birgitta Jonsdottir, publicly called for Assange to step down,  others have said that she really wanted him out as a SpokesLeak.

Others have been contacting the media with a similar message.  They say that they want him to stay, provided he steps down from being the public face of Wikileaks.

The Sydney Morning Herald’s deep throat inside Wikileaks told it that Assange is not at threat of being kicked out.

However, ”a few people have floated the idea of him stepping down as the media spokesperson.”

Assange’s attempts to palm off two sex charges against him as a US government inspired smear campaign were seen as a PR own goal. He had been doing quite well until that point, keeping the world on tenterhooks about Wikileak’s release of AfganistanLeaks.

The Herald’s deep throat said that before the Swedish allegations Assange had been looking at possible new structures and roles for the not-for-profit organisation.

Amongst the statements about Assange was the use of a new term “transparency journalism”. This is apparently when a journalist tells a “true story” and then backs it up by publishing source documents. It seems then that Wikileaks wants to start interpreting the documents it is getting  probably using VolunteerHacks.