Wikileaks nominated for Nobel Prize

Whistleblowing site Wikileaks has been nominated for the coveted Nobel Peace Prize.

A Norwegian member of parliament has nominated Julian Assange’s organisation, which might go some way to placating him over losing out recently on the just-as-important ‘Time Person of the Year Award’, citing the similarities between the transparency of WikiLeaks and last year’s winner.

“Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last year for his struggle for human rights, democracy and freedom of speech in China,” said Snorre Valen, a member of the ruling Socialist Left Party.

“Likewise: Wikileaks have (sic) contributed to the struggle for those very values globally, by exposing (among many other things) corruption, war crimes and torture — sometimes even conducted by allies of Norway,” he continued.

Not that winning or even being nominated for the award is gold-sealed stamp of authority of the righteousness of a particularly person or organisation, especially when you consider some of the past nominees.

For example George Bush and Tony Blair were nominated for the festival of peace and love that was the Iraq war, while Obama was promptly handed a Nobel prize have contributed basically nothing more than his mere existence up until that point.

But with a hefty $1.4 million cash prize on offer you would think that Bradley Manning may have his eye on a few quid for what we can imagine will be some hefty legal bills coming his way for helping WikiLeaks to such lofty heights.