Wikileaks gets funding and announces its return

Wikileaks, the site dedicated to publishing leaked documents, has announced that it is back in business after being forced to close down due to lack of funds.

The site wrote on its Twitter account:

Achieved min. funraising [sic] goal. ($200k/600k); we’re back fighting for another year, even if we have to eat rice to do it.

This amount does mean that the site is still $40,000 short of being able to pay staff and, at the time of writing, the site was not yet back online

The site has said that all donations given, through PayPal will go towards the infrastructure costs of running a large network of servers in several countries. The network is needed so that the service cannot be sabotaged. The site doesn’t accept any government funding.

Wikileaks is probably best known for publishing details of the Pirate Bay trial and the membership list of the British National Party last year.