Wikileaks claims it's being DDoSed to death

Wikileaks, which is set to release hundreds of thousands of classified documents later today, said that it has come under a mass distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

The tweet is here.

Already, newspapers collaborating with Wikileaks on the release of this fresh material have started distributing the data on their own web sites. Both the Manchester Guardian and the New York Times have made an early start. The Grauniad has an article here about how this stuff leaked.

The NYT says that the documents reveal that China’s politburo orchestrated the attack on Google.  “The Google hacking was part of a coordinated campaign of computer sabotage carried out by government operatives, private security experts and Internet outlaws recruited by the Chinese government,” the newspaper reported.

People are speculating just why the White House made a decision to give lowly staff access to this information but this does continue to prompt speculation about just how well governments regulate their data security.

There’s too much for USB sticks, but the BBC suggested earlier that CD ROMs could have been used for the purpose of the leaks.

Are computers safe in government hands?  Wikileaks also released an encrypted torrent a couple of days back.