Wikileaks claims D Notice issued to UK press over leaks

Wikileaks has tweeted that the UK government has issued a D Notice to all UK editors over a bundle of more documents that it might, or might not leak, related to security and insecurity.

If you’re a foreign reader, you might ask what a D Notice is. Wikipedia has it about right.

It is a way of stopping stories being published that might affect government security. It’s not a law.

Back in 1956, during the Suez crisis, UK editors decided that enough D notices were enough. My uncle, who owned a garage in Ballater, tossed a newspaper into the back of his car one day and said: “Michael, can you explain why there are blank stories in the Aberdeen Press & Journal?”

I said no, Uncle Mac, I can’t – why is that? He said that the editors had got so sick and tired of having endless “D Notices” about the Suez debacle being sent to them that they’d decided to print blank stories instead. The Wikileaks tweet is here.

I am a UK editor, but haven’t received my D Notice yet….