Wikileaks boss sees Jewish plots everywhere

Private Eye editor Ian Hislop has written that he received a rambling phone call from Wikileak’s boss Julian Assange, claiming that British journalists, including the editor of The Guardian, were engaged in a Jewish-led conspiracy to smear WikiLeaks. The Guardian reports on it here.

Hislop said that Assange was especially angry about a Private Eye report that Israel Shamir was a Holocaust denier, and complained the article was part of a campaign by Jewish reporters in London to smear WikiLeaks.

Assange told Hislop he should be ashamed of himself for joining in the international conspiracy to smear WikiLeaks.

He claimed that the article was an obvious attempt to deprive him and his organisation of Jewish support and donations.

Assange claimed to have known the hack who wrote it, but according to Hislop that reporter had nothing to do with it.

According to AP, Assange is now apparently moaning that Hislop had ”distorted, invented or misremembered almost every significant claim and phrase”.

Hislop’s interview said that Assange claimed the conspiracy was led by The Guardian and included the newspaper’s editor, Alan Rusbridger, and investigations editor, David Leigh, as well as John Kampfner, a London journalist who reviewed two books about WikiLeaks for The Sunday Times.

When Hislop pointed out that Rusbridger was not Jewish, Assange back tracked and said the Guardian’s editor was ”sort of Jewish” because he and Leigh, who is Jewish, were brothers-in-law.

So apparently you can be Jewish by marriage now.

Hislop said that when he doubted whether Assange’s Jewish conspiracy theory would stand up against the facts, Assange suddenly backed down and said to “forget the Jewish thing’.”

However, he continued to insist there was a conspiracy against WikiLeaks based on the friendship between Rusbridger, Leigh and Kampfner.

Mr Assange is appealing against a British court ruling last week that he should be extradited to Sweden to be questioned about sexual assault allegations.